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Membership Meeting

THEME:   Homesteads, Agrihoods, and Tiny Homes on Wheels

Preparing the PREDA Region 

Friday, February 19, 2021

PREDA Membership Agenda – February 19, 2021 – Final

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Theme:  Urbanites across Canada (indeed around the world) are looking for space.  As more and more people not only accept but are now actively engaging that they can work & teach from home there is a growing demand for rural living.  The resurgence in wanting local foods is showing another growing niche market – those that want to learn how to grow & manage their own food.  The PREDA Region is positioned to respond to these opportunities.

This PREDA membership meeting will present:

1) An overview of the increasing demand for rural real estate.

2) Video clips of current homesteaders and agrihood developers will bring real life experiences to the fore-front.

3) Municipal agriculture & land-use frameworks from the PREDA region will identify opportunities, barriers,

4) Next steps?  eg .. pilot projects, promotional campaign; legislative changes; Peace Country producers as homestead educators; etc …

Previous PREDA Membership Meetings

Note: Related research and presentations are posted to the PREDA Membership Section

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