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Northern Transportation Advocacy Bureau

10:00 Am to 4:00 PM

NTAB Membership Agenda – Sept 2021 – Final

Attachments – Section 1 – Administrative 

Att 1A NTAB – Minutes and Finances

Att 1B Comparison of Freight Shipping Costs (July 2021)

Att 1C Strategic Priorities July 2019 – Recap Master

Att 1D Sample Memberships – P2P, WESTAC


Attachments – Section  2 – Open Topics / Presenters 

Att 2A Coal Exports

Att 2B Northern and Arctic-Security -University of Calgary – 2021 Summary

Att 2B Northern and Arctic-Security -University of Calgary – 2021 – Full Report 

Att 2C The World Diplomat – Icebreakers Page 13 – 15

Att 2D China’s Artic Policy – The White Paper (Jan 2018)




PREDA Membership Meeting

Theme:  Keeping Our Seniors In Their Homes – Part 2 

September 10, 2021 

PREDA Membership Meeting – Agenda – September 2021

Att 1 NLC – Health Care Aide – 2021-2022 Course Fee Schedule

Att 2 GOA Seniors Financial Assistance – Booklet July 2021

Att 3 Alberta Health Services – Home Care Promotional Brochure

Att 4 ElderDog Canada – History

Att 5 Golden Girls and Guys Canada – Promotional Brochure

Att 6 FCSS Working with Municipalities – Working Paper #2


2021 Annual General Meeting

June 25, 2021 

PREDA 2021 AGM – Agenda


THEME:   Homesteads, Agrihoods, and Tiny Homes on Wheels

Friday, February 19, 2021

PREDA Membership Agenda – February 19, 2021 – Final

Theme:  Urbanites across Canada (indeed around the world) are looking for space.  As more and more people not only accept but are now actively engaging that they can work & teach from home there is a growing demand for rural living.  The resurgence in wanting local foods is showing another growing niche market – those that want to learn how to grow & manage their own food.  The PREDA Region is positioned to respond to these opportunities.


THEME:   Health Care Aide Training in the Northwest

Friday    September 18th, 2020

PREDA Membership Meeting – Agenda – September 2020

In recent months the quality of services provided in senior / long-term care centers has been on the forefront across the Country.  PREDA is anticipating there will be dramatic changes coming from all levels of government and across numerous government ministries in the near future relative to senior / long-term care centers.  The next PREDA meeting will present an overview of senior / long-term care centers in the PREDA region, training available in the PREDA region, and anticipated changes soon to be announced regarding the delivery of these services and required credentials (provincial & federal).   


June 19, 2020  10AM to 12Pm  (Virtual)

PREDA 2020 AGM – Agenda

Theme – Forestry

Friday March 13, 2020

PREDA Membership Agenda – March 2020

(Download PREDA Report)

Northwest Alberta Commodities – Section 4 Forestry – Master Final

State of the Forest Industry – Global & National

Forest Management in PREDA – Local

Mercer Peace River Pulp

Alberta Forestry Products – Brock Mulligan (CEO)


Theme – Oil & Gas

Friday November 8, 2019 

PREDA Membership Agenda – November 8th 2019

(Download PREDA Report) 

Northwest Alberta Commodities – Section 3 Energy – Master Final

Alberta Energy Regulator – Presentation

Side bar – FYI – Canada Oil Imports (Legal Paper Print)

Theme – Agriculture

Friday   September 6th, 2019

PREDA Membership Agenda – September 2019 – Final

(Download PREDA Report)

Northwest Alberta Commodities – Section 2 Agriculture – Master Final

Att 1 – Alberta Exports to United Arab Emirates

Att 1B – Big Lakes Country Trade Mission

Att 2 – Canada West Foundation – Building Advantage – 2014

Att 3 – PREDA – Agriculture Fieldmen

Karen Goad – Local and Domestic Foods – AB Agriculture Presentation

Calvin Yoder Peace Region Forage and Turf -Presentation


Northwest Alberta Commodities – Full Report -Master Final

Note:  Full-color, binded copies available at $ 150.00 per plus shipping. 

Please contact the PREDA office at 780-527-6232

Just Released!  

2020 PREDA Municipal Level Agricultural Harvested Land, Production, & Exports

2020   PREDA Municipal Level Traffic Counts 

2017 Regional Retail Profile

2020 Traffic Counts     2019 Community Health Profiles    2018 Inactive Oil & Gas Facilities

Municipal Incentives for Development – Membership Poll 

Municipal-Project-Fund-Application-2020-2021-Master Word Version

2017 Population List – Municipal Vs. Federal


Broadband Report – Executive Summary