Moving Here!

“Northern Alberta isn’t for everyone, but you might have what it takes. We’re a spirited mix of untapped opportunity and easy connections, where hard work and good living add up to lasting prosperity. In fact, the ways to get ahead here seem as endless as our big skies. Plus our winters are sunny and crisp, and our summers hot and long, so there’s always lots to do in the great outdoors. If you’re looking for an adventurous new economy and landscape, why not turn your life northward.”    

Source:  Northern Alberta Development Council  (NADC)

Moving is a big decision!  What community will you live in?  Will you rent or buy?  What about schools for your children? Is there a golf course, a dance club, a bike trail, fishing,hunting , skiing …?  Check out the NADC link … we’re sure you too will come to love the Peace Region just like we do!